PLEESIT (Plant Low-temperature Extraction & Efficient Separation Integration Technology), is a key independently-developed innovation and equipment by Authenmole for extraction of full active ingredients or monomer contained in herbs. In full course low-temperature processing of PLEESIT, several cutting-edged technologies like physical cell wall breakage, extraction, multistage membrane separation and purification, standardized blending, reconstruction and crystallization are involved to ensure active ingredients contained in herbs are well preserved while pesticide residue is efficiently removed in the tea and herb extract crystal.

Valuable and Rare Nourishing Molecule Extract
”Ji“= Gathering Nutrition ...
Overseas Pure Tea Brand
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Pure Tea Essence Brand
“Le” means be happy to live,it’s a life style of happiness and health ...

Approach Authenmole,Approach the Miracle of Plant

A torrent of broken technology makes the plants release nutrition, holds active ingredient, absorbs hot and cold and exploitstarget.

Plant Molecular Essence

1.Nourishing Class

2.Tea Series



Approach Authenmole,Approach the Miracle of Plant...


Cooperation Customers

  • Shenzhen Xiangmi Mountain Biological Technology Co., Ltd
  • Dadonghang Uisng Seafood Company
  • Static Port, China International Center Of Anti-Aging
  • The United International Health Products Inc

Guangdong Authenmole Biotech Inc. is a world-leading hi-tech enterprise of research & development, manufacturing and wholesaling of natural tea and plant extract products. By patented invention of molecule purification technology with application in natural plants deep processing and extraction, we have successfully built the world’s first industrial chain for molecular food standardized manufacturing.

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